Are you planning to start your own company in India?

Do it with experienced Indo-European specialists!

About the company

Since 1995, Belgian businessman Georges Baekelmans and his Indian business – and life partner Ambiga Baekelmans have been setting up and running several successful local and international businesses in India.

They are now offering their vast Indo-Belgian experience to other Europeans, to help them enter “the Indian opportunity” as smooth as possible.

Trusted partners in South India

If you are looking for a plug and play partner in India where literally everything is taken care of, we are the right choice. We also partner with and facilitate your communications to the three trusted economic missions of Belgium to Chennai: Fit, Awex and Brussels invest. We further maintain strong ties with all local business organisations in South of India, so that your business can grow from network to network.

A workplace for 2 weeks or a full option company setup?

  • Conference Hall
  • Work Place in Belgium Business Center
  • Meeting Hall
  • Prince InfoCity - Belgium Business Center

If you are looking for a familiar place to work from in South India, where you can talk and get advice from fellow Europeans and work in a first world office environment with all the amenities you are used to – log into one of our premium cabins: plug and play, with enough privacy to get sensitive work done but with all the features of a large office – meeting rooms, common reception, and even an able secretary to help you move around and select the right food for lunch. We can help you save at least 5 years in setting up your business in the right way.

The “I have come to India but now what to do?” syndrome

OK, so you have landed in India and you are about to make the biggest deal in your life! But then you get out of the airport and the first challenge is to find the way to your hotel. And when you wake up and pull the curtains aside you see a totally different world.

The new Company Act which has recently been passed creates serious impact even among locals and requires foreign companies to have at least one local director. Apart of that, all directors are personally liable. Compliance with Indian Law has become a must and requires a compliance officer!

The Indian work culture is totally different from that in Europe. And if you are not assisted, it will cost you. Let us help you. We know how to do it right.


Starting your first tests in India small with only a sales person?


Most companies who are not familiar with India or doing business with India will first want to explore the market before they set up their own company. Is there a market in India for my product? How should I find agents and distributors in India? The Belgium Business Center provides a “ Hire a sales person in India ” - service. For a minimum order period of six months and for a fixed cost per month, we can provide you with a dedicated sales professional whom you could chose to either remotely manage yourself or managed by our local top sales managers. This way you can get a real grip on the Indian market before you start your own company there.

We can help you if you need

  • Hands on help of a fellow European with your ventures in India.
  • A permanent registered address in India.
  • To set up a company in India and you need full option assistance from a company who knows both worlds.
  • Medium- to long term office space for your company in India for 2 to 200 people
  • A partner to handle all your Indian admin-, HR- and accounting work.
  • A sales office/ representative in India.
  • Legal advice for your Indo- Belgium ventures
  • An Indian auditor’s point of view
  • A full-fledged partner in India, including a long term local director.

Why chennai?


Because Mumbai is already full. Because Chennai also has an international airport and actually has the same potential. Because in Chennai, pricing is moderate compared to Mumbai and Delhi. And because Chennai is the gateway of the South, where half a billion people live. And because in the last year or so Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia set up own trade offices here. Belgium even set up a separate Consulate General in Chennai a few months ago. That’s why Chennai!

We were setting up a company in India and we could not have dreamt of a more fitting solution! This was literally plug and play!
Hubert Van Houwaert,
Elite Paloume

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Please send us a short message if you are interested in our offerings and if you would like additional information without any commitments from your side. Do let us know when and how best to contact you.